I recently discovered the website apt-ny.com and love the look of a lot of the stuff they carry. I’m still looking for a sofa bed for the bedroom. I’ve definitely made up my mind that I’ll be putting a convertible sofa instead of a bed, if I ever manage to come up with the money to put anything in there at all.

logo sofa bed busk hertzog

Right now the hubby and I are on our 4th air bed in less than 2 months. Someone just won’t get my point about the limited capacity of airbeds. Certain activities simply should not be attempted in air beds; but… We’re using a twin sized air bed with a max weight capacity of 300. Our combined weight is around 280 pounds. Would be nice if he could gain some weight but that’s neither here nor there. As to why we’re using an twin? He came back from the store the day he went to replace the airbed claiming it was the only size he could find. We’re that poor….

So anyway, I see some sofa beds on the apt-ny.com that I like. I like the color of their mandarin logo sofa bed which they describe as smart sexy and seductive, although I’m not particularly enthusiastic about the leg part. Unfortunately I don’t have $1698.00 to spend on a sofa bed, but if you’ve got that kind of money, you can click the link below to check out the logo sofa bed. It’s very modern and according to the description on the page, is “suitable for the entire spectrum from classical minimalism to upstart retro.”

Logo Sofa Bed in Mandarin 624 / Red 622 $1698.00 by Busk + Hertzog

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