Bedroom interior design

I am playing around with’s Plan 3D program to get some ideas for decorating my bedroom. I plan to put a convertible sofa in the bedroom instead of a bed in order to create more room for movement as it’s a pretty small bedroom. It has a walk in closet and attached bathroom that’s supposed to be a master bathroom but it’s really not much of a walk in closet or much of a master bathroom and the bedroom itself is pretty cramped for my taste.

I’ve paid the annual fee of $35. and I can play around with Plan3D for another 364 days.

The picture shown here is my first attempt at using. I’m trying to create a very simple design with just the convertible sofa, an area rug, a TV, a dresser, a couple of floor lamps and maybe some wall decor. Breathing room is crucial for me. I don’t like a cluttered room.

The floor in my bedroom is carpeted. I hate carpet. When I move on up in the world and have my own home built it will be all hardwood floors. Of course I’ll use area rugs throughout, but absolutely no wall to wall carpeting.

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