tablesculpture.jpgI’ve added an Indonesian wood sculpture to the apartment decor, placing it on a metal-based accent table. Admittedly my $19.99 wood sculpture and my $12.99 accent table aren’t Architectural Digest worthy; but my goal right now isn’t to try to keep up with the Jones’.

I’d actually bought the sculpture to give to someone as a gift but opportunity was lost so I’ve decided to keep it. I went to Marshalls on Monday to pick up an accent table to display it on.

When you’re shopping with a price limit in mind you don’t have too many options. There were some items I would have preferred over the accent table I settled on but I had to be mindful not to spend more than I could afford. I can see how people get carried away in department stores. You see so many pretty things you want to buy them all; but things are just that: things. They won’t make you happy, so getting more than you need is really just wasting money. I’d actually picked up more than just the table at Marshalls; but while on the checkout line I had a mini therapy session with myself. I said to myself, shopping is another form of addiction when done for no other reason but to do it. You didn’t come here to buy this second table or these floral arrangements. You came simply to buy a single accent table to display the wood sculpture on, so put back the extra things because you don’t have a good reason for getting them. You’re just acting on impulse for the high that comes from having new things.

Maybe if money were no object I could act on impulse without consequence and buy how many ever items at whatever price, but that would not make it any less unhealthy. I’d still have overspent just because I wanted new things to make me feel good.

So I purchased only the accent table; and I’ve experimented with placements and think I’ve found a good place for it at the moment. You can see where I’ve placed it by checking Sometimes theres art in mess but….

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