I want these handcrafted porcelain pieces I saw on horchow.com; but to get them all will cost me $1297; so they’ll have to go on the wishlist for now.

The items description:

• Charger on stand, 24″Dia. x 3″D.
• Vase, 13″Dia. x 23″T.
• Lidded jar, 7″Dia. x 12″T.

I’m tempted to think when you live in an apartment you don’t spend $1297 on home decor items. $1297 can go a very long way at targets, Walmart or similar department stores. There are plenty of things that would make more sense to buy at this time. I’d be reluctant to spend $100 on a vase, lidded jar and charger right now so $1297 is definitely out of question; but a wish list is about things you wish you could have and maybe hope to be able to obtain some day, so I don’t mind putting the set on my virtual wish list.

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