Filth can be colorful and artistic at times. Take the dining area of my living room for example. I was working on some photo art and had the place in quite a mess for a few days, which just means a bigger mess than the usual mess. I had paintings, cloth, and props strewn all about the floor. The table was strewn with books and dishes and just about everything imaginable. [ Note: The paintings on the floor are some of my own; the yards of cloth are props I use to set up scenes to photograph for creating digital art work. ]


I decided today to use the opportunity for a before and after photo. Cleaning is something it takes me months to get around to doing, but I’m working on the depression that lies at the root of that so I plan on cleaning more frequently until such time as I can afford a maid….

So I took some photos of my messy dining room area, which is really about one-fifth of the living room space. Then I did some cleaning and took some photos of the dining room area after the mess had been cleaned up. The before photo above obviously shows a messy dining room, but it’s a colorful mess isn’t it? A work of art in itself.

However, when you have to live in a place, artistic though your mess might look, the filth is just not conducive to good mental health. How do you sit down and enjoy a nice meal with your family with your dining table covered with things that don’t belong on a dining table?

The after photo which you can see below demonstrates that it’s possible to restore order and balance to an unbalanced life if you have the will and if you make a real effort.


Now if the table can stay clean until tomorrow maybe we can actually sit at the table for Sunday dinner.

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