living room interiorMost people when decorating just copy existing styles without considering whether they even like a style of decorating or not. They follow a traditional pattern just because that’s what’s “traditional”; but it can be worth it to experiment with how you decorate because it can make a world of difference in how much or how little comfort you feel at home. You probably wouldn’t think to associate any discomfort you feel with your interior decor, but often without knowing it, factors like shape and color of walls, furniture and other decor items can significantly affect your mood for better or worse.

So asking yourself “What is my decorating style?” might not be such a bad idea. And you shouldn’t just ask the question but actually take the time to try to figure out the answer. Doing that can be as easy as going online and looking at pictures of furniture, pictures of interior wall paints and home decor items and making a note of how you respond to different shapes, colors, designs etcetera. Pay close attention and measure your reactions so you know when you’ve found something you neither love nor hate, something you absolutely hate, something you absolutely love. Obviously try to go with things you absolutely love. If you find nothing you absolutely love then go with neutral which are the things you neither love nor hate. But definitely make the effort to find things you love.

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